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Berkeley's thriving cultural scene is home to more than 130 non-profit arts organizations and hundreds more artists and performers. It's clear why Berkeley locals and visitors "Come for the Culture, Stay for the Food" - the arts hold equal pride of place with Berkeley's international reputation as a center for culinary and educational excellence.

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Truly a City of the future, Emeryville boasts one of the country's most active artist live-work communities with hundreds of visual and performing artists in residence year round. The arts have been at the center of a decades-long transformation of Emeryville into a city where locally made culture vibrantly defines the personalities of its neighborhoods.

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The Oakland renaissance is in full swing, weaving arts and culture into the fabric of everyday life. Like its busy international port, for generations Oakland has welcomed artists and innovators from all over the world. The most diverse city in the nation, Oakland's vast artistry is invigorating the cultural landscape and celebrating creative expression.

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Richmond's long-standing pride in its arts stands literally at the center of the city in the form of visual and performing arts centers that are nationally recognized as models of a vibrant intersection of public/private partnership. Its newly expanding, city-mandated Arts District, ambitious public art programs and performing arts groups welcome new artists and residents and are inextricably aligned with business and neighborhoods.

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07/30/15Víctor Erice-Abbas Kiarostami: CorreMore info about Víctor Erice-Abbas Kiarostami: Corre »
07/31/15El Sur (Víctor Erice, Spain, 1983)More info about El Sur (Víctor Erice, Spain, 1983) »
07/31/15Zero for Conduct (Jean Vigo, France,More info about Zero for Conduct (Jean Vigo, France, »
08/01/15City Lights (Charlie Chaplin, US, 19More info about City Lights (Charlie Chaplin, US, 19 »
08/01/15The Spirit of the Beehive (Víctor ErMore info about The Spirit of the Beehive (Víctor Er »


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06/24/15PRO ARTS Seeks Executive DirectorMore info about Kozmik Kirtan with Evelie Posch & Ki »
04/06/15FY2015-16 Applications Available ForMore info about Kozmik Kirtan with Evelie Posch & Ki »
04/03/15Hayward 21st Century Library And ComMore info about Kozmik Kirtan with Evelie Posch & Ki »
03/24/15City Of Moorpark - Art In Public PlaMore info about Kozmik Kirtan with Evelie Posch & Ki »
03/13/15Call For Artists: Botanica: All ThinMore info about Kozmik Kirtan with Evelie Posch & Ki »
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