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510Arts is a project of the East Bay Cultural Corridor (EBCC), an arts marketing partnership between the cities of Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland and Richmond, through their civic arts and cultural managers. The EBCC celebrates the role of the arts in these cities and in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area region), as a proven catalyst for economic development and as a model for improving quality of life and community sustainability. The EBCC was created to promote the rich arts and cultural landscape of the East Bay, and to introduce new audiences throughout the region, country and world via the Internet to local work.

Is there a lot of arts activity in the East Bay?

One of the most culturally rich urban centers in the United States, the East Bay is home to a diversity of artists from equally diverse cultural backgrounds, working in a wide range of disciplines. Together, the East Bay communities have one of the highest per-capita artist populations in the country. More than 150 languages are spoken, and many culturally specific art forms are practiced. From individual artists working and teaching in communities to nationally recognized theaters and museums, the East Bay provides arts experiences that make the area a cultural treasure for its residents as well as visitors from other parts of the Bay Area and beyond. The East Bay's visual and performing arts presence has contributed to its strength as a place to live, work and visit, and holds great potential for creating ever more viable and sustainable communities.

The impact of the arts on our economy

The arts drive economies. As Americans for the Arts notes in the report Arts and Economic Prosperity III, investment in the arts translates to economic impact on restaurants, retail stores, hotels and other businesses frequented by arts patrons. The average amount spent on such businesses by local arts audiences is $27 above the price of admission to the art event; cultural tourists from outside the area spend an average of $19 to $40. Creating sustainable arts communities is good business!

Support for 510Arts.com

Start-up funding for the EBCC and 510Arts.com was provided by the East Bay Community Foundation, The San Francisco Foundation, the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the James Irvine Foundation. Additional funding to develop the website has been provided by the East Bay Community Foundation.

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