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About Richmond

Richmond's long-standing pride in its arts stands literally at the center of the city in the form of visual and performing arts centers that are nationally recognized as models of a vibrant intersection of public/private partnership. Its newly renovated Civic Center, emerging Arts District, ambitious public art program and performing arts groups welcome new artists and residents and are inextricably aligned with business and neighborhoods. Coupled with the Ford Point Craneway's new entertainment venue hot-spot on the Bay, Richmond is revealing a vibrant new image.

One of the last bastions of affordable artist live-work space in the Bay Area, Richmond is experiencing rapid growth in its already active artist population. The arts played a leading role in the comprehensive renovation of the city's Memorial Civic Center, setting the stage for an even more heightened presence for the cultural life that is at the heart of the city. The Richmond Art Center has helped launch the international careers of many artists, and the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts has put many residents both young and old on life-long paths enriched by music, theater and dance.

Richmond is home to arts and culture organizations including Richmond Art Center, National Institute of Art and Disabilities, East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, Masquers Playhouse, ArtsChange, Richmond Museum of History and others.

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