Hang Rhapsody

HANG Rhapsody was a site-specific performance held in Hawk Hill Tunnel in the Marin Headlands, features HANG players and DANCE MONKS in creating this extraordinary event of music, dance and light. The HANG is the new instrument of this Millennium, captivating musicians and listeners worldwide.


Submitted by: Laura Inserra
Berkeley, CA


Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art
New Media

Artist Statement:

SAMAVESHA is the result of many years of experience in multiple forms of art and performance around the world.

The concept of Samavesha is to unite in one time and space different art expressions and to create an occasion for both performer and audience to immerse themselves in which has being created.

Our vision is to bring powerful multidisciplinary performances to the community.  By integrating the tradition with the contemporary, we encourage knowledge and evolution for a  meaningful cultural connection and awareness in the society through the medium of art.

Samavesha bridges also diversity developing and expressing new artistic languages, aware that art embodies the historical period in which it belongs.

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