Escape from Greenhouse Number TwoSakai Family Home
A Hint of Spring in Greenhouse Number 9Room With a View
Panefully Red

Ken Osborn

richmond, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:


As a scientist and mathematician I work with numerical representations of the physical world; as a photographer I try to understand that world. The visual expression of everyday experiences allows an extension of my senses and an ability to go beyond the surface.  Photography is more than collecting technically correct pleasing images; it is an extension of self .  


Ghost Roses - Images from the Sakai Nursery was for me an evolution of thinking that started with a visit to Richmond's rose and carnation growing greenhouses of the Sakai, Oishi, and Maida-Endo families to document the greenhouses before they were gone.  


With each visit, I learned more about the nursery, the people who worked there, and the history of Richmond itself; the nursery became an intersecting plane in the flow of time with an agrarian and maritime heritage on one side of the plane and today's world on the other.    

Ken Osborn


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