Jenny Balisle

Richmond, CA


Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

My art begins with a mark or line inspired by patterns in nature and Asian calligraphy. In my oil paintings, I pool, wrinkle, scrape, and create chemical reactions with solvents that mimic occurrences in the natural world. The painting’s multiple layers become a complex surface that reflects and glows with iridescence while maintaining a minimalist composition. My pen and ink drawings explore repetitions of line and organic forms.  As a result, I investigate the simplicity and complexity of gestures, marks, lines, and textures. Overall, my art is an observation of the environment close and far away.  It is my attempt to reclaim an experience of the outdoors in my studio.
Nature and art form my closest interpretation to a spiritual experience. Therefore, my utilitarian art titles mark the quantity, size, and creation date.  This leaves free range for the viewer's imagination and personal definition of faith.

As a result, my art has been influenced by the diversity of the East Bay.  There is no other place I would want to call home.  As an artist, I get inspiration daily from the people and places.  The East Bay blends the best of all worlds while exchanging inspiration and ideas.  The possibilities for my artwork is endless.  


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