In Your Ear: Selected Writings from Oakland WordIn Your Ear: Selected Writings from Oakland Word

Oakland Public Library

Submitted by: Kenji Liu
Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art
New Media

Artist Statement:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to submit an anthology of writings from 53 new and emerging Bay Area writers to the Intersection exhibition. This book, In Your Ear: Selected Writings from Oakland Word, strongly reflects the diversity of people, art and cultures in the East Bay.

Between February and April 2010, the Oakland Public Library offered twenty free creative writing workshops to the general public through the Oakland Word program. Oakland Word was funded by the California State Library.

Oakland Word's mission was to provoke dialogue and encourage creativity, literacy, and self-sufficiency by providing opportunities for underrepresented youth and adults to write, publish and perform works about their lives.

Our book is the culmination of these workshops and performances. Featuring a range of voices, there are myriad themes in this collection--childhood, life transitions, immigration, injustice, romance, bereavement, war legacies, spirituality, and the simple joys of life. Playful, serious, contemplative, and humorous, these stories give glimpses of the many worlds that live in Oakland. 

This book also contains photographs by two Bay Area artists, part of a collective to which I gave the challenge to produce at least 30 photos of Oakland in 30 days.

Edited, designed and introduced by Kenji C. Liu, with foreword by Daniel Alarcon. Photography by Jilchristina Vest and Leslie Mah of SNAPS. Features a letterpress cover by Littoral Press. ISBN-13: 978-0-615-38321-7

Although I am submitting a JPG of the book cover as per your instructions, I am actually submitting the complete 172-page digital book, which can be flipped through at Printed copies are also available for review.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


Kenji Liu

Oakland Word Program Coordinator

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