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Candace Workman

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

I found the upcoming Intersection theme of specific interest because much of the work I have been doing takes places on Oakland Streets.  As a program coordinator for a school based, non-profit arts organization, I drive all over Oakland, visiting schools. The "Intersections" I began to observe was the mix of culture in the neighborhood, race, socio-economic status, and the prolific amount of churches in Oakland. Of course there are many obvious connections to be made about the stores and services offered to Oakland residents. The liquor stores, barber shops, Mexican pastry stores and car detailing lots, but repeatedly intermingled is every size, shape and denomination of a church.  The transformation of shops and commercial buildings I found fascinating. The cultural setting and the concept of security and being "saved" and the repetition of liquor stores and churches running down a busy corridor street drew me to start this body of work.  Most of the work is from East Oakland neighborhoods. The main streets are Mac Arthur Blvd, Foothill and International Blvd. all being arteries for travel, commerce and day to day coming and goings in Oakland. 

Thank You for creating this opportunity to showcase the diverse culture in the East Bay.  


Candace Workman


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