Suite for Silam Inua: Wild Flower (I)

A suite composed for a beloved, the Suite for Silam Inua tells the tale of serenade, the struggles of love, and the eventual death and rebirth of the heart. The first movement, Wild Flower, is the dance one lover performs for the other. To hear the rest of the suite go to

Kamal Ghammache-Ma

Albany, CA

Artistic Disciplines:

Artist Statement:

I've grown up in the East Bay all my life, and have been deeply (positively) influenced by its rich pallet of cultures. I've always done what I could, wherever I travel, to spread the words of acceptance, peace, and equality that have surrounded me since my birth. These messages are constantly prevalent in my music, whether instrumental or lyrical. I hope that you too will hear the heart and soul that I strive to fill my music with.

I am a jazz composer, saxophonist, lyric writer, and MC. Born in the diverse San Francisco Bay Area, I integrate many styles of music into my playing, creating a unique blend of exotic flavors. I began playing music at a very early age, banging on drums and strumming guitars as soon as I could walk, and I began formally studying the piano at the age of five. I began playing the saxophone at the age of nine, and by thirteen I had composed my first piece of music. Throughout my teen years, I formed various small combos, performing original material as well as the great standards; I also began including singing and rapping into my performances. Right after graduating high school, I began studying at the Berklee College of Music, majoring in jazz composition. I am the bandleader for three distinctly different groups: INFINITISM (a jazz quartet-sextet), Owned and Operated (a live hip-hop band), and The Lamakire Mark (a “small” big-band). I have performed all over the country including the Kennedy Center (D.C.), Yoshi’s (Oakland), the House of Blues (West Hollywood), and the Berklee Performance Center (Boston). I have also toured Europe twice: as the principal saxophonist for the Sound of America National Honor Band, and with Berklee College of Music’s Turntable Ensemble. I am currently in my last semester at Berklee.


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