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Mary Arum

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

As a plein air watercolorist, I travel the world from Oakland and bring back my sketches and notes.  In the studio then I work up larger watercolor. My father was an artist for 50 years in early California.

The 'FEEL' of the city or location is most important to me and is actually what motivates me altogether.  Often a scene is so alluring, I can't go with the rest of the group to the museum or site see; I HAVE to see through my brush, I have to paint.


I NEVER forget any scene I've ever painted.  It BECOMES part of my very being.  I feel so very grateful to be able to travel as I'm now retired from public service.  Coming back to Oakland is always special - such an incredible place to live.  Places and people I meet are now within me and in my work.  This is such a great way to live local and become global. The globe is here in the East Bay.


Hope  you enjoy!


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