milk crate chair

mike farruggia

emeryville, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

I am submitting a chair made out of milk crates for the 2010 510arts exhibition.  I have been schooled and trained as a custom furniture designer and builder.  Much of my work incorporates recycled or reused materials.  I helped build a house out of recycled materials in Marin; I completed a residency at the “San Francisco Dump” (now called Recology); and made furniture from materials such as: wine barrels, computers, bottles, street signs, bicycle parts, and milk crates.

I was inspired the “milk crate chair” (actually, I made about forty of ‘em) after perusing the website: This site features various ideas surrounding the ubiquitous object from creators around the world.

I love the fact that milk crates are virtually identical. Save color and some design patterns, most modern milk crates, like shipping containers, are stackable regardless of manufacturer.

Technically, I also appreciate the manufacturability of polyethylene.  The plastic can be cut like wood and welded like metal.  It is lighter than both, weatherproof, and need not be finished.

            Transcending culture and language, this iconic object inherently speaks of durability, recycling, and frugality.

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