Silence Is Where We GoGateway

Audrey Kral

Berkeley, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

The urban environment can artificially remove us from nature, yet, nature is where all beings intersect regardless of their opinions, ideas, religions, social situation or culture.  The essence of nature is the foundation of our World Culture.  We come from nature and return to nature, and, thus, respond to nature, even if subconsciously.  Contacting deep transformational qualities of life and the peaceful place of silence within, people can gain the power to help each other beyond cultural boundaries.

Through my own rich experiences of nature--growing up on a farm, then travelling the world, and also by scuba diving in many seas and oceans--I distill the essence of these experiences into oil paintings that create a tranquil and dynamic atmosphere where the viewer's mind can rest and connect.

I want to remind people of the depth of beauty and power of the oceans and earth. The almost infinite expanse of water and sky and the perpetual dance of the waves create an intersection between human mind and the essence of nature. These paintings provide a place where unexpected associations and resonance can occur, where the tension between what one can touch and what one can imagine is expressed.

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