Cosmic Tree Of Life, 2.0

Roger Ferragallo

El Cerrito, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

After a long career as a professor of Art and Media and resident in the East Bay 510 corridor, I began to seriously embrace a new career as a digital painter by developing a vision for an art that draws inspiration from philosophy, earth science, astrobiology, modern science and cosmology.  Aware of the intricate balance which exists between all living things; citizens, artists and scientists alike must view our local, state, country and  world community as participatory guardians of precious planetary life.  As a painter I am dedicated to this view.

Having stepped on the moon, we find ourselves looking protectively back at planet earth as a vulnerable ecologically fragile blue pearl where we must all co-exist.  Everything we do here on earth intersects with the microcosm and greater cosmos.  No butterfly flaps its wing in China without affecting the weather in our 510 cities.  The astonishing enigmatic quantum view of reality assures us that every blade of grass. atom, molecule, human life, village and city on planet earth is delicately and inextricably interconnected--intersected like fine woven tapestry threads with our atmosphere, vegetation, water, satellite moon, solar environment--all gravitationally bound to the Milky Way and vast beyond. Were it not for the great 'supernova' star system ovens that cooked our Table of the Elements, life would not exist.  Indeed, it can be said that we are all made of star dust.

My paintings are intended to inspire and render awe and wonder in how miraculously interconnected precious life is.  We are the earth's dominant species and responsible custodians, and in the 510 corridor we participate in our communities to do our share to protect planetary health and life and each other.  My art speaks both to the wonder of this and to a cosmic paradigm we must now come to understand and support.

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