Allah SWTLive Together in Compassion
Living Together in Compassion-IIRelaxing in the Afternoon
Rumi III

salma arastu

emeryville, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

Intersection: World Culture in the East Bay is an online arts exhibition reflecting the diversity of people, art and culture in the East Bay. The theme itself is exciting and inviting. I have been living here since three years and enjoy diverse communities, foods and cultural festivities. This place is like a dream come true for me as a practicing artist whose focal theme has been to bring people together. I marvel at the diversity in people. Each one is different from the other though on the inside all are the same!

Creating with continuous, lyrical lines and celebrating the universal spirit of unity is what I have to offer after thirty years of working as a visual artist. I am deeply influenced by the human form and the human spirit. My extensive travels and experiences with diverse communities have made folk art, miniatures and calligraphy the three strongest influences on my work. My story begins with a continuous, flowing line, moving on a blank surface and forming interconnected groups of people who are rejoicing, sharing, and celebrating the diversity of life. I bring together eastern spirituality and western techniques of painting and through these contrasting elements; I yearn and search for unity. That unity or balance when achieved brings about a tranquility and joy for me and hopefully for the viewer.

Apart from Acrylics and mixed media paintings I have started creating metal sculptures since 2005. These are again influenced by Arabic Calligraphy. Linear and flowing forms are created with laser-cut technology which also gives me opportunity to create large life size sculptures for public art.

At birth, I was given the life-defining challenge of a left hand without fingers. Through my belief in Unity of all, I was able to transcend barriers of religion, culture, and the cultural perceptions of limitations for those with physical handicaps. And living and moving among different communities in East Bay has offered me new energy and new vistas. Last year my first book of art, The Lyrical line-Embracing All and Flowing was published by Half Moon Press, an Oakland publisher. It gives me a great pleasure to be part of this throbbing diverse artists’ community and I am very much interested in participating in this show called “Intersection of world Cultures-East Bay”



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