approx 3 minutes

Jive is a fable about art and creativity. It illustrates how mind is not the creator, but the obstacle to creation. I wrote and performed it, accompanied by beats provided by One Drop Scott. Remember: Don't think and jive, it's unbecoming an officer of the jaw.


Submitted by: gary turchin
Oakland, CA


Artistic Disciplines:

Artist Statement:

A world of culture spins in my head, vibrates down my spine, tickles.

I am my own intersection. Words, rhythm, art pulse through my electric self.

I think of language, I think of music, I think of poetry, I think of jazz, I think of humor. I think of message. I think of thinking. And thinking breaks the spell. "No thinkin' and jivin'," that's the whole point of Jive.

Do you jive?

For this spoken word piece, I commissioned One Drop Scott, (Scott Crowde-Roberts) of Berkeley to make the beats and sounds that give milieu to my fable. Scott intercepts hip-hop, beat era, California, Freaky Executives and sound creation power. I intercept poetry, performance, photography, New Jersey, buddha nature, and Hannukah. Together we intercept black, white, music, poetry, eras, styles, rhythms, and generations (I met him through my daughter). 

We are also the intersection of inner perceptions, outer impressions, exterior conditions, interior conditions, history, culture, race,  neighborhoods, and life forces.

and we make one very funky funny Afro-Jewish, Berkeley-Oaklandish creative convergence. Hey, you can't get shit like this in Paris (Texas or France).  

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