House Rooster WavesPlace as Binding

jon aley

Berkeley, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

My work is developed as a reaction to the thin line between nature and society.  The tension created between the two is a fascination for me as is human psychology. My submission relates to the open call directly through these themes and attempts to shed light on the struggle and beauty that occurs in the blending of  nature and society. I think one of the greatest gifts of my own work is the fact that it seems to have a rich and diverse audience from all walks of life and also serves as a connecting point for people from outside the arts community.  This same fact also poses a struggle for me as it often leaves me wondering where such work belongs in the greater community.  I find that the work of late has been challenging me to develop a new type of forum and vernacular that doesn't exclude, rather invites a different type of community and dialogue than I ever expected.  

Jon Aley


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