Quieting Heart: Attempt #5
5 minutes (excerpt)

Produced by DANCE ELIXIR Created/Performed by Leyya Mona Tawil Object Art by Sabine and Christian Egelhaaf Music by Porest (Mark Gergis) "Be quiet in your heart and the noise of the world will die into nothingness." Kenneth Patchen

Leyya Tawil

Oakland, CA


Artistic Disciplines:
New Media

Artist Statement:

We take our multi-cultural community for granted sometimes.  In this one city, OAKLAND, just by leaving the house everyday, we interact with a myriad of ethnicities and socio-economic strata.  It is part of the flow here. 


Travel outside this city, or even futher, outside this county, and by comparison it becomes clear what this diversity has afforded us.  We are not afraid of each other. 


This could be idealistic, but rather, I approach it as hopeful.  One could even say faith


In order to have an intersection, one must be on a path.  As a Palestinian-Syrian-American-Oaklander-Contemporary Artist-Dancer, I have a unique perspective as I travel on this path (life) and come across particular intersections (people, idea).  The ones that grab me, I turn into collaborations.  This is the crux of my work with DANCE ELIXIR, of which I am the artistic director.  From our home-base in Oakland, which is Temescal Arts Center, DANCE ELIXIR produces works that premiere locally and tour internationally.  I am an artistic ambassador of the 510!  And I take it very seriously.  We are players.  And the world needs to hear us.


The submitted work:  “Quieting Heart:  Attempt #5”  is a dance video created during an artist residency at Hotel Pupik, located in a tiny mountain town in Austria.  While there I intersected with installation artists Sabine and Christian Egelhaaf, who are from a lake-side town in Germany.  I also worked with music  from my longtime, Oakland-based collaborator Mark Gergis (aka, Porest).  The crossroads of these 4 lives, many lives, are symbolized in object art of the Egalhaaf’s.  The dance and music symbolize a state of “quieting”.  It is enough to just BE.  Locating silence in the moment of meeting each other: on the street, on the dance floor, in the world. 


We are not afraid of each other.  Just be.  Just be.  If we could all just be….





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