California GoldEl Burrito Volador
California BanditsIts This Big

pablo cristi

berkeley, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

The need for mulit-cultural discourse is becoming increasingly inmportant in our global community.  Although race relations has been a struggling issue in our country's history, as time passes we become more aware of the intriquite nuances that comprise our beautifully ethnically diverse society.  We, in many ways, serve as a global model for multi-cultural relations. We still have much to learn, but the conversation has begun, allowing for people to express themselves and make their voices known.

My work is about this experience. It is about being in between worlds, in a liminal space where roads cross and create something new.  This intersection is one that is not unique to only our society, but it is the specificity of our experience that makes our intersection beautiful and unique.  The east bay is so wonderfully diverse. It inspires the various cultural motifs used in my work, as well as popular California culture, and obscure California history.  Each of these elements becomes a road, and the intersection manifests itself as the object I create.

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