1951-Boys and the City1951-Boys
1951-Craftsmen1951-Sewing Machines

Taro Hattori

Oakland, CA


Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

It has been really exciting to be a part of the East Bay cultural scene, mainly because of the cultural, ethnic and socio-economic diversities of the region. I am originally from Tokyo, Japan and immigrated first into East Coast and now I have lived here in Oakland for 8 years.

 "Intersection" is a key term for my life and art practice. In addition to my multi-cultural and geographical backgrounds, I also have multiple layers of disciplines; theater arts, psychology and visual arts. A series of light box collage pieces titled as “1951” was the field of my exploration where I assembled various resources in the process of larger installation projects. I tried to connect many points of my thought, layering resources such as photographs my father took in early 50s, technical drafting I drew, historical drawings and diagrams from Nazi Germany and US Military, text (poems and quotes in English, German and Japanese) and my drawings. The work was the stage of my stories and ideas constructed through associations across those resources. The ways of associations vary, some are direct, some others are more poetic, metaphorical or metonymical. This work is my response to the fate of my family that is rooted in the idea of "making" as my father's side is a craftsman family. By combining both technical and emotional process of my creation, I built my fantasy which grounds art-making practices.

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