What I Would've Worn to Your Wedding in Retrospect

Gina Tuzzi

oakland, CA


Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

My home base of the Bay Area possesses its own solar system of mythologies. By re-appropriating symbols I have collected throughout the years of my first coastal, second rural and now urban Oakland existence, I am aiming to celebrate the presence of the spiritual and electric as it exists in this particular landscape and its many modern day tribes. I am interested in the archeology of the Californian idyllic space and lifestyle as it applies to my own history, present and the unknown of my future.

The piece that I have chosen to submit for the Intersection exhibition dives even more deeply into the aforementioned cultural archeology by further investigating more autobiographical elements of gender, cultural and ethnic identity. The piece is a stop motion animation illustrating a ritual of an unclothed version of myself being dressed in multiple garments in preparation for a wedding. The landscape I fabricated is made up of California Missions, indicating a sense of provincial history. The other characters in the story are classic figures in rock and roll history that have affiliations with the development of Californian culture (ie. the Beach Boys) and marine species and flora that are endemic to the central and north coast landscape (ie. harbor seals, condors, poppies). Lastly, the soundtrack is a traditional Mariachi composition, a sound that has come to be identified with celebrations both in Mexico and in many places throughout the US, most definitely the Bay Area not excluded.

The piece in its entirety is a hybrid of many elements of various world cultures that I have come to identify with as a 5th generation native of this area of the state. The piece was made in devotion and homage to all the beautiful intersections of these cultural avenues in my life.

Thank you for your consideration!



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