Recycle HouseRecycle House
Recycle HouseRecycle House

Recycle House

In the piece, “Recycle House”, I hope to show an imagined life cycle of a house in the Bay Area. This piece is made primarily of glazed ceramic but also incorporates wood, glass, yarn and fiberglass. The piece itself is 4' tall and hangs on the wall.

Brk Dunbar

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:


As a ceramic artist, I feel a strong connection to raw earth and the things that come out of soil.  I often use botanical themes and incorporate the patterns of growth in plants as a comment on the current climate of farming, consumption, and genetically modified products. Although making social commentary on very serious world subjects, my work tends to be playful, rather than pessimistic.In my work I seek to express the idea of hope in such a chaotic, polluted world, while at the same time pointing out the dichotomy between the natural and the industrial worlds. In this way, I feel my work speaks to the concept of crossroads. As well my studio is situated in a very industrial part of the Berkeley,  right next to the train tracks and surrounded by a gigantic steel factory.  This informs my work directly, constantly reminding me of the infrastructure needed to make my daily needs available to me.

In the piece, “Recycle House”, I hope to show an imagined life cycle of a house in the Bay Area. Often in our culture, people would rather tear down a house and completely rebuild or develop on an empty or cleared piece of land. “Recycle House” proposes an alternative to this, by suggesting different lives lived by the same house. Restoring or embellishing on an existing foundation is a metaphor that this culture could use in personal and cultural growth.

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