Direct Flight.HAV
Guira de Melena.Palacio del Segundo Cabo.
Parque Martires del 71.

Moises Aragon

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

Intersection: World culture in the East Bay.
I've always contended that having a regular, a casual dialogue with someone brings tactful common sense which in turn brings understanding.
Mainly relating to a subject that's close to heart, the focal point of these work samples provide visual proof of a misinterpretation of a country that's been isolated and abandoned, Cuba.
I traveled to desolate Cuba and visited many landmarks and sprawling cities and municipal infrastructures. My observations indicate that though 50 years of sanctioned derailment of progress still prevails, the people of Cuba have understood the meaning of alternative living which procures an alternative way of nation building...on par with the powerhouses.
This aviation propaganda and accompanying photo set guarantees us a chance to visit the country.

Moises Aragon.

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