pink birds
red birdselements
samauri 1

nicollette smith

berkeley, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:


As a child I was captivated by Asian art forms. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area my parents constantly took me to China Town. My father, having grown up in a mainly Japanese area of Los Angles would show me black and white Japanese films . I later became attracted to themes of geisha and samauri, and popular actors in ukiyo-e wood block prints.

Recently I developed an obsession with old maps, Asian newsprint and books, which led me to create my largely abstract "Unknown-Knowledge" series which focused on composition and color over subject.

 My current project, “Geisha and Samurai,” draws from the aesthetic of the film images I saw growing up as well as the idea of the perfected feminine and masculine image. I deconstruct the highly stylized, graphic approach popular in Japanese art, blending it with a collage of maps and pages from Asian newspapers and books.



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