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anna rather

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

The obsession of mark making speaks to my inability to remember things in the short term, and lack of ability to concentrated when there are too many distractions and the difficulties of communication.  This loss of concentration creates anxiety that I show in my work by colors and textures.  The primal abstract reality related to this physical challenge creates work that embodies a state of otherworldliness – the journey of my life through art.  The act of making art that is never precious is liberating and becomes a living organism of change. 

I have many series the one I have chosen is of Legos and objects that I have found around my apartment. My work directly relates to convening my psyche to others. For me mark making holds the emotions one is feeling.  In my experience, art and life are intertwined, and I show this by putting myself into my work by the way I make marks with stamps and what I choose as my bushes or stamps. I find this also speaks to the difficulties of how to explain my self to others. This method combined with the colors I use blurs the boundaries of the personal and address the more universal aspects of life many of us who are struggling with challenges effects the way we think and work.  Addressing these issues are elements I include in the process of thinking and making work. 

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