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Stormy Skies

Bart Borland

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

Artist’s Statement

     It has been over 30 years between my first artistic endeavor and my recent rebirth for which I have the digital medium to thank.  I am a lover of both the very intricate and the simple, using color to modulate between them.  In some of my work I use digitized pen and ink drawings to act as a basic composition.  In others I use digital photos and software manipulation to achieve the finished work.  I believe that a work of art, no matter how it is created, should cause the viewer to pause, step closer and attempt to relate the image to their experience.  For me, digital art has opened vistas of creativity.  Artistic periods, instead of lasting months or years, can now last only days or weeks.

Bart Borland

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