Abstract Black and White Series, no. 2Abstract Black and White Series, no. 3
Abstract Black and White Series, no. 1Drawing Collage Series, no. 5

Tina Dillman

Oakland, CA


Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

Tina Dillman’s work begins with advance doodling from her sub-conscious of processed imagery of her surroundings, past and present. The shapes and forms through cutouts resemble microscopic organic matter, which are animated through the buildup and movement of lines. She builds her work through the recycling of marker drawings that are then later deconstructed to form 2D and 3D compositions. She is both inspired and the work is reminiscent of 20th C geometric and color field abstractions, intersected by the contemporary Bay Area abstraction of the urban art scene.


Tina Dillman Oakland based artist, received her BFA from the University of Iowa in 2003. Dillman is also the director and curator of WE Artspace (Oakland CA), which she co-founded in 2009, to create first time solo and group exhibitions for emerging artists, and through which she programs monthly music events and film screenings for the East Bay community. She has dedicated her time to the arts, through board Involvement at Intersection for the Arts (SF), volunteering at Southern Exposure, The Lab and New Langton Arts and holding paid positions at Rock Paper Scissors Collective (Oakland), ArtSpan (SF), AS220 (Providence) and directing the first Friday Art Murmur (Oakland). Her art work has been exhibited in Iowa, Providence, RI and in the Bay Area.


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