ButterflyAround The Corner
Same Type of Mind

Victor Salazar

Hayward, CA


Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

I am a local Hayward artist and although not having a 510 phone number I have grown as an artist with the help of east bay artists and professors during my college career.  I have experienced plenty within the concept of convergence and crossing of different cultures since I am originally from Brazil and both my parents are from other countries; my father is Chilean and mother is Philippine.  Moving around and adapting to many different cultural standards I've decided to create artwork that fuses different styles but still keep an absence that allows personal interpretation.  In the Childhood series, which I am submitting in this format, Asian like caricatures float on backgrounds that resemble German Expressionist paintings and great voids that allude to minimalist work generated in the US.  Through the creation of space between figures and ambiguities of character and emotion the work begins to create interpretations that put the viewer's own culture into play. The work features children and abnormal figures for a reason; it depicts the stage of childhood before we are bombarded by social standards of acting and cultural figures. Having lived Santa Claus, Saci Perere, Clay pot markets, magazine stands, banana boats, and carnavals I have decided to explore the time before cultural infusion.  It is my belief that there's something similar in all of us before culture like a sense of play and curiosity and seriousness that as children we go through.  I hope you enjoy my submission.

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