Cristobal Arechiga, mi padreSkined down the well
Cristobal Arechiga, El CarpinteroDown the well

Arturo Arechiga

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

My reason for Art goes back to the age of six, when I would always draw cars with a lot of speakers. I felt great  knowing how much I can put in a vehicle, well a drawing. Then I begin drawing Characters from Marvel comics and just kept on drawing. It was in High school when I first painted with acrylic paint and I was shock at how good I was at painting. My teacher saw the talent I have and encourage me to go to art college so that my skills can get better. There I was in the environment in which I belong in the world of visual art. Being exposed to all types of art in college was something I didn’t really know would make me happy. When I finally graduated from the Academy of Art University I knew what I had to do, I have to teach this element of life to the youth of Oakland, because this is where I was born and raised. There is too much talent in my hometown for it to go to waste. As I began teaching at Youth Uprising I knew that this is what I am suppose to do. To let the youth know that talent should not be wasted. My job as an artist is to encourage those that feel that art is a part of their life, to give them that extra push so that they can go to next level. That way they become a part of the element of visual art and later they can pass it down to the next generation of artist to be.

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