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SassettaTractor Sky

Antonio Rosario

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

Statement of Interest:

As a painter, I am inspired by elaborate craftsmanship from around the world: Middle Eastern patterns, santero art, mosaics, and quilts, among others. I also take pleasure in depicting unusual perspectives and action poses that create unresolved dynamics and stimulate the imagination. In addition to exploring the human form and color distortions, I enjoy the challenges of intricate and ethnic inspired settings. This interweaving leads to the contrast of child-like freshness and intriguing complexity. These imaginative compositions expand my critical thinking away from the predictable or the mechanic. Finally, the greatest honor for an artist is to be able to celebrate and reverberate within a community by triggering the avenues of introspection, inspiration, and hope.

Antonio F. Rosario

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