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Juliet Mevi

Berkeley, CA


Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

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Juliet Mevi-Shiflett, Visual Artist

BACKGROUND: Julie is a self taught artist and painter. Born of Italian immigrants and raised in Los Banos, a small farming community in the Central Valley of California, she was not encouraged to study art. At UC Davis, Julie studied biology and nutritional sciences. Upon graduation, Julie joined the Peace Corps. It was this experience which led to her becoming an artist. She was sent to Brazil to work with the Brazilian school lunch program. While there, she was asked to develop health and nutrition education materials. Given an office equipped with a drafting table, paints, pens, ink and paper, Julie spent two years designing posters, handouts, and slide shows.

Back from the Peace Corps, Julie earned a masters degree in public health from UCB. To help support her education, she made and sold stained glass windows. She also picked up a paint brush and taught myself how to use oils.


After returning from another two year stint in Brazil, this time with Project HOPE, Julie was hired by Diablo Valley College as a nutrition instructor. At night and on weekends she took art classes at Berkeley City College, Richmond Art Center and UC Extension. And when ever she could she painted plein air or at home. Although she loved leaching at DVC, in 2009, after 20 years of teaching, Julie retired and became a full time artist. She now works full time at her studio on 7th Street in Berkeley.


Julie is a member of the Oakland Art Association, East Bay Painters Group (EBPAP), California Art Club, Frank Bette Center for the Arts, and Pro Arts Gallery. She has shown her work in several group and solo show throughout the SF Bay Area. In 2007, she was awarded an Art Residency and spent 3 months in the Azores, Portugal.


Today, as a full-time artist, I incorporate my love of northern California, my ethnic heritage, and my love for adventure into an original style of painting. Although I call myself a painter, I actually draw. I draw with paint.

Although I am self-taught, I strive for professionalism. My finished work expresses my passion to capture with line,form and color, my love of life.



Written by JMS in 2010.













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