Ciné SaintGreenblue

micaela marsden

Berkeley, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

What I love more and more about the Bay Area is the diversity. I'm dropped into the city-life of 510 and trying to make my way in (or in-to) it. I still feel slightly ill-at-ease, as if I'm a puzzle piece from a different picture.

My goals are to continue to explore and advance my technique and accuracy in line-drawing, tone/shade modeling, and combining color in what I call “harmonic light convergences”. I am interested in loosening my grip on the "real", and embracing the experimental, to get closer to a true expression of the spirit I want to convey. My work ranges from realism to abstraction and I sometimes allow a piece to contain multiple styles. I enjoy the process as much as, or more than the product—it’s a connection with the beauty and mystery in our short time on earth.

I have been painting and drawing all of my life. I am mostly a naturalist painter, working in oils, acrylics and watercolor, but love to try different things. I am a California native, born and raised here except for brief periods of time in Mexico, New Mexico, and Canada. I discovered every possible inadequacy in clothing and shoes for three years before returning to sunny, warm California!

Art was something real in my world, something you could touch! My father had started a gallery in Monterey, California in the 1940's featuring abstract expressionism, organic abstractions, and related genres by artists and photographers such as Ellwood Graham, Robert McChesney, Henry Miller, Jean Varda, Edward Weston, and more. Though the gallery was long gone by my time, the paintings, collages, and prints became strong influences in my life.

I am primarily self-taught, though in recent years I have enjoyed individual classes at UCB Extension, CCA, local colleges, and independent artist/teachers in Northern California. Other influences have been Asian brush painting and wood-block art, illustrative art, native arts of the Americas and Africa, impressionists, abstractionists, surrealism, arts & crafts-era architecture & design, pop- and op- and psychadelic-art, conceptual and "modern" art — we are so lucky to be exposed to all of these.

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