Jeffrey Rindels

Berkeley, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:
  Please consider this letter of interest regarding the on-line exhibition of local 510/Bay Area Artists.  I am a recent transplate to the Bay Area, having just passed the one year threshold, and during that time have sustained a studio/studio practive in Oakland.  Upon graduating from Chico State with an M.F.A. in drawing/painting, I thought the real challenge and the real diversity would be found in the Bay Area. I haven't been disappointed.  The warehouse where I work consists of a capenter, an antique collector and anarchists, and I often catch myself thinking, 'This doesn't happen in Iowa.' Regardless, I am eager to have my work join the milieu and hopefully contribute to the rich creative history of the Bay Area. Thank you for your time and energy regarding this application.

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