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Untitled (Portrait Series)

edgar pena

oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:




When I first noticed this e-mail from 510arts, I was excited and intrigued

that the theme "Intersection: World Culture in East Bay" relate to years of

thought and language associated with my own artwork. Why? Because my

ambition as an artist, thinker, and innovator directly (perhaps even in-

directly) correspond to contemporary social progress of urban, rural, and

technological alterations of our psyche. I like to imagine and think about

the entire process of communicating with our own environment as an

interconnected group of people embodied in a multi-dimensional multi

path environments. How we got here, what it is now, and what may be in

the future is very fascinating to me.

Within my own work itself, I use basic drawing/painting tools like various

micron pens, paint markers, rulers, and pencils to create technical

spontaneous drawings on various sized paper. I like to play with color (I

call the emerging baby boomer "The Cereal Generation") and

shape, most notably the six-sided shaped hexagon that I have

consciously held since I was a child. I developed a symbolical

metaphorical figure that originated from my understanding of the

micro world of social/group insects, like the wasp or bee. For me,

"Intersection" not only plays has mathematical ties, but also various

disciplines in science.

This is where we are today, a social group just entering a

new century, influenced and inspired by biology, astronomy/astrology,

quantum theory and/or physics, anthropology, technology, and

philanthropy. We are at a level of technological advancement, yet the

most important and challenging issue we face, such as health

care, the re-structure of banking institutions, or Partisan politics, alter of

what it is to be "american" today. I find The bay area, most notably east

bay, and my current home in Oakland, Ca. a perfect venue for

understanding the modern american social-geographical landscape. I am

honored to participate in 510arts juried exhibition and commitment

to sociology as a vital discipline in contemporary art and influence

of community that transcends any stereotype or assumption of life in

East Bay.   





Edgar Peña

September 2, 2010




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