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Diwali Festival of Lights Celebration

Kala sponsors East Indian Dance and Drumming residencies in the Emeryvile schools. This ongoing program integrates the East Indian community and African American and multi-ethnic communities. Regular performances include the Diwali Festival of Lights Celebration, at Oakland Public Library.

Kala Art Institute

Submitted by: Jamila Dunn
Berkeley, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art
New Media

Artist Statement:

Kala’s Artists-in-Schools (AIS) Classical Kathak Dance & Drumming program, is an innovative arts outreach program in Anna Yates Elementary School and Emery Secondary School. This ongoing program was designed to help integrate the relatively new and growing East Indian community into the mutli-ethnic, but predominantly African American, Emeryville schools. By fostering cross-cultural unity and understanding for six years now, the program has successfully created a community of passionate young dancers from diverse backgrounds.

As a community-oriented organization, Kala Art Institute is firmly committed to offering quality art education to the general public and to public school children through its on-site program of classes and workshops and its Artists-in-Schools (AIS) program. Established in 1991, AIS serves East Bay public schools and, in the past year, we launched accredited professional development workshops for educators and on-site summer programs for youth.  Kala’s Artists-in-Schools program is currently active in twelve East Bay elementary, middle and high schools. This program provides public school students with the opportunity to work with professional teaching artists on a wide variety of printmaking, book arts and performance techniques.  Kala has become an integral partner to these schools, the majority of whom ask for AIS to return year after year.

We are excited to be a part of the thriving East Bay Arts Community with programs spanning Berkeley, Emeryville and Oakland and would love to be featured on

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