510 Cultural Landscape510 Cultural Landscape

510 Cultural Landscape

We submitted story boards for our "510 Intersection: World Culture in the East Bay" submission and wanted to follow-up about submitting the video component of our piece. We are students, and new to the program (After Effects). We were unable to compress and upload the (HD footage and graphics).

Karen and Lydia

Submitted by: Lydia Baillergeau
Oakland, CA


Artistic Disciplines:
New Media

Artist Statement:


Intersection: World Culture in the East Bay

Karen Wong



Lydia Baillergeau


Statement of Interest

As two Bay Area natives and residents, we endeavored to visually encapsulate the rich cultural synergy that is created by the cities in the 510 area code.  We are currently studying motion graphic design at Expression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville and are surrounded by diverse and inspirational art forms on a daily basis. 




Our homage to the 510 area code begins as a visual journey across the page of a crossword puzzle. The crossword puzzle aims to illustrate the strong relationships between the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville and Richmond. The piece also showcases the rich history of culture and art that the cities share. 


Using a vibrant color palette, still photography, bold typography and lively animated paint strokes, our piece guides viewers through the cultural landscape that makes up the 510 area code. 




Our approach was to hit the streets, camera in hand and minds open, to capture the essence of each city. After photographing iconic landmarks we set out to film the canvas for our piece: the Emeryville pier. From this pier one can view the expansive beauty of all four cities. The columniation of our piece results in the literal intersection of the city names transforming into world culture and emphasizing the theme of the 510 Arts initiative.  Hand sketching, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator were used for the creation of this piece.

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