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Lorrie Fink

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

My work is inspired by organic forms found in nature. I explore connections between painting, nature, and the rhythm of life cycles, seeking the emotional energy that spills forth from seemingly bucolic scenes. Through painting, I can convey my feelings about transition, loss, and time passages, about memory, hope, and the joy of being alive. Nature offers me lessons about patience, exuberance, endurance, generosity.

I paint with oils, occasionally en plein air, mostly working in my Oakland studio to interpret images I’ve collected from the macroscopic landscape of the natural world. My recent work is informed by coastal and botanic ephemera. Some of the sites I’ve visited include southern France; Half Moon Bay, Point Lobos, and Humboldt Bay in California; the Olympic Peninsula in Washington; Cape Cod, Massachusetts; and my own backyard.

My process is to I wander, wade, crouch, kayak, or tiptoe through the sites I visit. I like to poke my nose into things, smell them, listen to ocean waves rustle over rocks exposed at shore, observe the way new leaves unfurl. I usually record my impressions with digital photographs or sketches, and later crop enlarged segments of the images for reference, making adjustments to emphasize the choreography of the composition. Then, I paint.

These paintings illuminate intimate pathways through which untethered energy might tumble or soar. They depict intersections that are revealed when peering over edges and into seams, entering the portal where observer engages with environment. I’m intrigued by the ambiguity between what is vessel/vehicle and what is content, between what is forward and what is behind. As I paint, I consider the boundaries and vistas from all sides. Each source alters my perceptions of what’s above and below the surface.

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