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New Deal

Rafael Vieira

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

 In the late 70s, my family and I migrated to Miami from São Paulo, Brazil.  The social criticism of Fidel Castro’s Communist regime gave me an appreciation of our ability to freely critique our government through art. Later, the work of Jose Guadalupe Posada gave me the inspiration to connect my art and political satire directly with my community. After crisscrossing the country, including a stint in rural and conservative Georgia, I am now an Oakland based interdisciplinary artist whose work can be characterized by my drive to examine the issues faced by the United States and exploring my own personal memoirs as an undocumented immigrant now a citizen. I work to bring art to those that have been made to feel invisible to mainstream America, specifically Latino immigrants and the elders of this country.

      I believe there are different worldly views, in which encompass strong ideologies about the self and one's domain. In my work I contrast the bold points of view surrounding America’s modern migrations and cultural shifts. While still maintaining my visual practice, I’ve chosen not to settle at aesthetic value but also allow my art to partake in a collective voice that reaches beyond conventional bounds by introducing sociological changes via art. By working within the mix and creating a unified melody between modern cultural polarities that exist, I can see my work becoming a transformative tool. This cultural infusion has brought my interest to produce a series that voices empowerment, and make it accessible to all people through several means of documentations. I’m interested in capturing the “successful” immigrant and their Americana experience.

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