Washington DCJohannesburg
AustraliaCosta Rica

Samantha Lautman

Oakland, CA


Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

My drawings of global-style houses are done on translucent plastic mounted on the shells of discarded modems.  Upgrades to faster and faster internet speeds provide a constant stream of obsolete but still functional electronics, which, according to their programming, continually seek a signal.  Windows are lit up with green and red LEDs as the modems try to find a connection... and fail.  Paradoxically, the internet keeps people both more connected and more isolated than ever:  friends thousands of miles apart can easily communicate but online-only interactions lack physical contact.  The rapid spread of ideas and culture to the furthest reaches of the globe has made it easier for people to understand each other, but at the cost of local differentiation.  Single-family homes in the outskirts of Tel Aviv, Melbourne, Washington DC, and Johannesburg are so stylistically uniform as to be interchangeable- they could be anywhere.

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