The Light Touch Of Probable VirtueContention Is A Silent Place
At The ForksReckless Search For Beauty
The Affairs Of Plain Living

Alena Rudolph

oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:
In this body of work, the gradual demise of structures discarded during rough patches in human migration, or western homesteading, play the dominant role in these small homages to what has been. Portraits of dilapidation, as it were.

Barns and feed shacks, old houses, fencing, graves... all in various states of arrested decay, dismissed as greater fortunes were sought... or lost.

Interchangeably, dusk and dawn have a way of cloaking shapes to create dramatic silhouettes, which in turn create vivid contrast and the ability to frame a moment. The sparseness of content strangely evoking moments of solitude.

There is a familiarity in this sentimental moment, an allowance, almost, to draw the attention elsewhere… somewhere vibrant, between the branches and past the hills, beyond vast landscapes towards incoming storms and rolling middle-American skies.

My work, in general, reflects that certain intimacy between landscape and quietness. Of being alone, participating in an encapsulated glimpse of time with the opportunity to reflect. Breathing in history as it coincides quietly with the present.

>I was born in Los Angeles in 1974.

Self-taught, I moved in 1996 to San Francisco and began exhibiting locally during the "Mission School" movement. Which, in turn, launched opportunities in LA, NY, Tokyo, Sweden and Detroit, as well as several publications.

In 2001 I was nominated for the SFMOMA In/Site Award and in 2002 I participated in Bay Area Now 3, YBCA.

I continues to work from my studio in Oakland, CA.

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