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Sean Leake

Oakland, CA


Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

I love the theme of this show, an intersection of cultures embodied by people and Art, because that is precisely what has been described about my work and what I strive to represent in everything I do.

I am a mixed race artist, born in the projects of East County San Diego, and now residing in Oakland CA. I live with the gravity of diverse cultural influences colliding together, as I am highly influenced by both the white culture inherited by my mother who raised me and increasingly as I grew older by black culture unlearned from the father whom I never met.

My work represents visually as well as metaphorically a calculated mixture of icons related to Hip-Hop culture, Art History, and contemporary urban Muralist ideology. I represent the mixed race figure embracing what it is to be a black artist under continual questioning of racial identify and what that figure strives to portray of his unique experiences.

The narratives of African Americans I have met in the 510 have emboldened my work adding a layer of complexity and focus. My paintings deal with the visual reality of blacks represented through commercial rap outlets, largely stereotypical redundancies, merged with mythological narratives.  While my drawings reach a more nuanced intersection of the cultural influences dominant in my life, rendered larger then life, to fully surround the viewer.

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