Five Acres and IndependenceFive Acres and Independence
The WingsThe Wings

elise mahan

oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

This series has been constructed from ephemera I have collected while living and working in Oakland. This dynamic and creative community has certainly influenced my art work. Ten years of discarded library books, vintage maps, worn textbooks, and yellowing musical scores found in different parts of the city are integrated into my paintings. These cultural documents not only function as a structural reinforcement for my work, but a linguistic component of it as well. Image and word are united together through a series of obsessive and repetitive marks, layers and cuts. separating a phrase from its original context allows me to give it new meaning in a constantly evolving narrative. The act of layering and stratification of a diverse range of materials creates a space where abstraction and surrealism  examine connections between language and culture how they relate to one another within art and ultimately within society. 


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