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Helene Goldberg

Berkeley, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:


A Brief Description of Helene Goldberg


Helene Goldberg has been an art enthusiast all her life, but only in June 2009 with her iPhone and the new Brushes App was she able to become an artist. All these paintings were done directly on an iPhone or on an iPad using a her finger or a stylus.


These finger paintings are influenced by the fusion of Asian and Californian art available in the bay area and show the influence of the intersection of different cultures alive in the bay area. The most recent painting (completed this week) is a portrait of Julia Morgan done  for a new production of Becoming Julia Morgan by Belinda Taylor which will open at The Berkeley City Club in December.



When she's not painting she is a psychologist in Berkeley with a wonderful practice, she teaches psychotherapists, does some writing about politics and psychology and a bit of script writing. She has a full-blown music mania and is a proudly non-recovering Bach and jazz addict.




Helene Goldberg


1192 Oxford Street

Berkeley, CA 94707





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