InfrasoundI Like my Bike
Starry PloughPeoples Park
Cafe du Nord

Alan Tarbell

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

I am inspired to present a series of work that I feel appropriately represents both a personal and cultural intersection and World Culture in the East Bay. Over the past year I have been fortunate enough to be invited to paint live with the East Bay local band Antioquia. Their music is in itself a crossroads of styles, representing Afro Colombian rhythms, funk, soul and experimental rock. Being that I also study various forms of African percussion and dance, and have spent time in Colombia and other regions of Latin America, it only seemed natural to take my painting in a new direction and essentially converge a few of my passions while also weaving painting into the music and performance.

What I have come away with is an intersection where I am able to simultaneously jam with the band while spontaneously creating a visual representation of the music. All of the pieces have no prior planning but are pure representations of the movement of each particular time and place.
The paintings are abstract realizations of musical geometries. While tuning into the music I am dancing with the paintbrushes and expressing form through contrast, composition and color. The moment dictates playful dance and all the energy of the audience is also crossing and adding to the energy of each set. In one particular piece “I Like my Bike,” a figurative element was revealed at the very end of the set. The show was a pro-bike sponsored event with discounted tickets for those who rode, bike powered smoothies, and bike valet. We all rode to the show in the rain. Being a longer set the common elements of the evening eventually became a woven part of the painting. In this case another element of the bay area converges in the blending of art and sustainable practices.

I definitely feel that my experiences painting live with Antioquia have been a convergence of diverse artistic mediums, talented creative individuals and a dynamic cultural energy that is a fantastic representation of the vitality of the East Bay.

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