A Peace Chain Reaction
2 min 17 sec

Joe Murphy

Berkeley, CA


Artistic Disciplines:
New Media

Artist Statement:


"A Peace Chain" is artwork that I have created over the past 19 years. It consists of uniquely designed ceramic pendants.  I have personally handmade and distributed close to 500,000 individual pieces.  I will make it the rest of my life.  On each piece there is a  word for “peace” in one of 100 different languages.  The languages celebrate the cultural diversity uniquely represented in the East Bay.  Many of the words have been gathered from people I have met here over the years.  The ceramic pieces are symbolic what we have in common and our potential for positive action. A piece of earth for peace on earth.


The video "A Peace Chain Reaction" highlights the creation of this ongoing  project.   The mini-documentary is a poetic, musical and visual chronicle of a work of art.  I wanted to show the production process.  Included are audience reactions because every person's interpretation is part of the unfolding of the concept.  It is my intention to promote understanding and respect for the unique perspective of the individual. In the geometry of connectedness there is a point where we all intersect. 

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