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jill ritter

alamo, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

My mosaic journey began seven years ago, when I sought a media that would engage vision and touch.  Each piece requires literally hundreds of choices between color and shapes of tiles.  Then there is the often intense process of cutting and forming individual pieces of glass or rock.  This journey, which I love, is never entirely predictable; there always the exciting uncertainty of never knowing exactly what you have until you have scraped away the last bit of excessive grout.


I can think of no better media to reflect the diversity that is Oakland.  Bits and pieces with different origins coming  together to form a unified whole.  I wander throughout the city looking for art forms that are as colorful as they are diverse—Khmer dragons, Central American molas, Pacific island designs, they all appear in the neighborhood and then become part of my work.


I am currently on staff at The Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland.  My work includes pieces of all sizes for both in-door and outside display.


Jill Stevenson Ritter



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