Title: A non-urban landscapeTitle: San Francisco

Josephine Tsay

Richmond, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

In both of my pieces, I aimed to use the ephemeral qualities of the materials I've chosen, to explore the intersection between 'the old' and 'the new' as it relates to the environment around us.

In 'San Francisco' (material: Bristol paper), the city on the hill, I wanted to capture the city's interesting juxtaposition of the older Victorian houses on one hand, and the downtown financial district skyscrapers on the other. Both hug San Francisco's skylines in very different ways, and in a way, city life in either type of dwelling is as impermanent as the paper they were created from.

In 'A non-urban landscape' (material: cardboard)  I wanted to comment on how objects within a landscape (whether it's urban or vegetation) come from materials from this earth. As such, I used cardboard to create an abstract landscape, and placed two main objects up on it, almost as if they were in conversation with each other. Any scrap pieces leftover from creating the topography were then reused to create the objects within that landscape to reference other materials. There is a printed word 'urban' that is exposed to suggest that all of land is made from the same central source, whether 'urban' or not. I tried to use familiar visual cues, however abstract, to connote a feeling of nostalgia, as if this landscape were a faint memory of somewhere else.

Where I'm from: I live in Richmond and work in San Francisco. I came from Taiwan when I was two years old, grew up in Southern California, then moved to the bay area to attend UC Berkeley.

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