Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

STATEMENT OF INTEREST: "Rwanda" was inspired by the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and in particular, the suffering of women.  It is believed that as many as one million people were slaughtered in less than 100 days and another 2 million or so were displaced.  At least half a million women were raped and tortured. Many were infected with HIV/AIDS.
The horror of the Rwandan genocide was felt throughout the world, including in the East Bay. I was personally involved in the United Nations earliest relief and re-development efforts for the Rwandan people.  We mainly dealt with women, as they were the ones left to run the country. The courage of these women inspired me and stayed with me for years afterwards.  Creating this sculpture was both a catharsis and a chance to share what they went through with others. 
"Rwanda" expresses the agony, faith and strength of these Rwandan women -- an inspiration to women everywhere.  The sculpture is a bronze - limited edition of ten. 

BIOGRAPHICAL: I have been sculpting for about twenty years. Although largely self-taught, I have taken art courses at the Art Student's League in New York, at the University of California, Berkeley and at the Seyhun Topuz Studio in Istanbul Turkey.
My work has been exhibited in both individual and group shows both in galleries in the United States and overseas (in Latin America and in Europe).  Most recently, "Rwanda" was included in an exhibit by Bekris Gallery in San Francisco, and sold to a visiting Scottish art collector.  Four have been bought by local collectors, one was bought by a private collector in Rome, Italy. My sculptures are also represented in several corporate collections.

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