A Zen Moment at Eastshore State ParkA Path to Joy at the Albany Bulb
Covered Bridge at BerkeleyA Chinese Boat glides along the Berkeley Marina
Prayer stones at Albany Bulb

Marcia Poole & Louis Cuneo

Submitted by: Marcia Poole
Berkeley, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

Intersection – World Culture and the East Bay

The East Bay has wonders of beauty and stillness that lay adjacent to its busiest thoroughfares. These peaceful havens act to attract anyone who wishes to still their thoughts and enjoy the repose of nature. They act as intersections of the pristine with the overly-cultivated.

The culturally diverse East Bay seems to be in constant motion. People rush from place to place. Building is ongoing - with the concomitant tearing down of structures that show any signs of age and the replacement of these by the latest architectural fashion that cost the least. Everything is in motion and interacts with each other.

Adjacent to this mad flux of eternal action are pockets of stillness that intersect with it. Berkeley and Albany have particularly beautiful and stunning intersections, composed of land and water that seem to stay the chaos. People are particularly drawn to the places that seem so isolated and secluded and yet are adjacent to areas of the greatest movement.

Berkeley’s Aquatic Park is an unmanicured, still environment filled with wildlife and accessible to all. It sits directly to the east side of busy Interstate 80 and yet gives the feeling of being a nature reserve. The Berkeley Marina, on the other side of this Interstate, is another spot of peaceful repose. The waves of the Bay splashing against the rocks; still coves harboring wildlife; a park filled with dogs, humans and kites; boats tied to the docks or gliding through the water; and sunsets against the San Francisco & Marin County skylines are all factors of this marvel.

The Albany Bulb is another pristine place where sea meets the land. People hike, captivated by the constantly changing artistic offerings. This spot of wilderness, which is also a bird sanctuary, is similar in setting to Berkeley’s Aquatic Park and Marina, , and contains vegetation that shifts from tropical lushness to substantial winter stands of trees sitting adjacent to flowering plants. It is a secret world where people come to silently enjoy nature. Another intersection of the natural world bordered by industrial culture

Louis Cuneo has photographed these places and Marcia Poole has edited and printed the images on rag paper with archival inks. The idea is to capture a moment, the intersection of time and space, in the Japanese tradition of Haiga, the visual form of Haiku.

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