Lanterns of Midnight
5 minutes

Travis Wernet (Outlaw Dervish) gathers sacred musicians to perform original mystical spoken word poetry and didjeridu music in San Francisco. Featuring guests: Dana Dharma Devi, Aharon Wheels Bolsta, Ken Becker, Terese Bell, Josh Brill and Angela Papillon. Film by Eric B, Edits by Daniel Watts

travis wernet

Emeryville, CA

Artistic Disciplines:

Artist Statement:

Under the moniker Outlaw Dervish and my given name, Travis Wernet, I have been making world influenced groove and meditation music for the past 5 years while based in the East Bay. My self-titled album "Outlaw Dervish - Mystic Groove Downtempo" has been featured on KPFA Radio's Music of the World with Stephen Kent. The focus of my creativity has been on making and performing live music with a variety of musicians as well as producing 3 studio albums to date. Foundationally, my projects are based upon the sound and use of the didjeridu, as well as my own original spoken word mystical poetry. Collaborations have brought together a melange of other world musicians and have most often held the inflection of a crossroads' meeting between ancient and modern sounds and traditions. If there could be an ethos found in the music it would be, I think, the fusion of contemporary musical effects with the much older elements of the didjeridu (an Australian Aboriginal instrument said to be at least 40,000 years old), Middle Eastern Percussion and Persian-influenced Peoetry amid various string arrangments, sometimes drawing upon and knitting together funk, hip-hop and blues flavors.

The accompanying video which forms the body of my submission here highlights a live evening of sacred music performed with a temple dancer in San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral and features a signature creation from my first solo album, “Lanterns of Midnight”.

Thank You Very Much for Your Time and Consideration,

All Best, Travis Wernet

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