In a FogIn a Fog III
In a Fog IIIn a Fog IV

Nadim Sabella

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:


My interests in the environment inspired my current body of work. I create photographs that transform familiar places into the strange and mysterious landscapes that come to mind when I follow the climate change debate. Though climate change is a global theme that impacts many cultures, my imagery explores it’s potential effects on communities and cultural centers within the Bay Area.

The individual pieces are meditations on constant change, instability and man’s inability to control the elements.  The images of flooded homes that surfaced through the media after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans kept a lasting impression. They led me to create my current series of photographs entitled In a Fog, where I construct and submerge miniature models of the San Francisco Bay Area in water.

The title In a Fog, is a play on words. While as an idiom it refers to confusion and unawareness, it also serves as a direct reference to the infamous San Francisco fog that is present in every photograph. In this body of work I combine model-making and photography to fabricate cinematic dreamscapes. 


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